Blossom Nursery School
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Blossom Nursery School

We accept children from around 18 months to 4 years old.


Blossom is a Waldorf family childcare associate of Waldorf Early Childhood of North American - WECAN.

We provide a Waldorf outdoor play-based program with qualified caregivers that based their approach on Rudolf Steiner's philosophy and responsive care.

  • The children are embraced in the natural home-based environment, where they can develop skills with respect their individuality.

  • The children can explore the environment with the security that their emotional and physical needs will be met by the caregivers based on Secure Attachment.

  • The program is community-based, the families know and support each other.  Blossom provides  Seasoning Festivals, Birthday Celebrations, and calm pickup up when parents can enjoy our environment while talking to each other.

  • Nature-based program with free play outside, no chemical products. Natural handcraft toys made by crafters and teachers.

  • Aesthetic domain environment, children are surrounded by a calm and organized place that provides an inner sense of warmth, peace, and beaty. 

  •  We strive daily to offer a truthful, beautiful, and lovely place where children can grow their abilities with happiness respecting nature and each other.

Blossom Nursery School
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Play, the Essential of a Healthy Childhood

Whether the weather is sunny or rainy, the children go play outside.It's just a lot of sun. They will have the opportunity to develop an inquisitive and positive relationship with nature and their physical body.

Blossom Nursery School
Yes, we play in the raining day !

Yes, we play in the raining day !

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"When you arrive at Blossom on a rainy day and see all the kids out stomping in puddles in their rain suits, you know that Blossom is no ordinary childcare! Lilian has created an amazing community for children as well as families. Blossom is calm, serene, and nurturing. My older son was so fortunate to have been at Blossom from when he was eight months old until he was almost three, and it was absolutely formative in his development.  Lilian and her assistants are so attentive and mindful to the individual children and put in a huge amount of work (i.e. getting all of them into and out of their rain suits!) I really appreciate that Blossom is grounded in the Waldorf philosophy with so much attention to the seasons and environment, both inside and out. The food is also amazing and it is wonderful to see the crew of kids calmly sitting at the tables eating together. My younger son is about to start Blossom and we are so excited for his adventures to begin!"


Kathleen and Michael

Blossom Parents since 2016