We are all day long dedicated to children. Please schedule a tour, or call,or email us to know about the program.

323 Holly Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903

Phone: 415- 521 5119

Email: admin@blossomnurseryschool.com

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Our Philosophy

We respect the children's development; they are allowed to move freely without our trying to teach them. The children will develop not only an agile body but also a good sense of manage risk, what they can and cannot do.


Predictable Daily Rhythm, the children are exposed to circumstances which they can predict and participate that provides a feeling of security and trust.


Timeless environment, our schedule is built to provide a breathing space for children. The transitions are soft with enough time for children to go to the next step without the rushing feeling.


Blossom is an outside play-based program; most of the time, the children are moving their bodies outside. So, Naptime is an essential part of the Blossom curriculum. The children develop good sleeping habits in Blossom and also in the home.


Eco - Health Environment. Nonplastic environment. No toxic product and toys. No process Food.


The sense of community, we promote opportunities for the parents to get together and support each other.


The families are involved in the educational program; the close relationship with teachers is an essential part of the program, which promotes a healthy early childhood development. Parenting meetings and study book is part of the program.

Free Play, Rhythm, Resting time, Nature, Comfortable food, Community,  Parent participation, Beauty, Eco Environment, and Love.