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San Rafael-CA

Blossom Principles 

Living Life in Full Bloom

Creativity is raised through imaginative play, movement, and artistic activities with strong connections with nature. 

Children develop most healthily when allowed to have freedom of movement in a safe place. Until six years old, creative play, not technology or early academics forms the best foundation for school work and life-long learning.

Blossom is a play-based approach found in Rudolf Steiner philosophy which was the founder of Waldorf Education.

Festivals and celebrations honoring traditional seasonal festivals, cultural backgrounds of families, and children's birthdays are offered.

Childhood is a treasured time unto itself and not just preparation for schooling. Skipping or hurrying developmental phases can undermine a child's health and balance development.

Blossom strive to provide what is best for each child.  The teachers and caregiver can be instrumental in helping parents to recognize the developmental needs of the child and how to practice domestic and nurturing arts, while also learning from and respecting the parents’ insights into the specific needs of their child.