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Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm



Tel: (415) 521- 5119

San Rafael-CA

Blossom offers beauty, comfort, security, and connection with nature. Children experience healthy life with rhythm/routines that include daily activities, play, meal times, and rest. 

Monday: watercolor 

Tuesday: chopping vegetables

Wednesday: craft or drawing

Thursday: gardening

Friday: cleaning

Monday: rice, beans, vegetables, and salad


Tuesday :vegetable soup with barley


Wednesday: rice, millet, vegetables and salad


Tuesday: lentils soup with quinoa.



Friday : pasta 


Breakfast: yourgut , blueberries and bread. Snack: crackers cheese, milk and fruit



Breakfast: bread, cream cheese, banana, milk.Snack: apple sauce, bread and cheese, milk



Breakfast: scramble eggs, bread, milk. Snack: banana, cracker, milk



Breakfast: Bread, butter-honey, milk, orange.Snack: bread, butter-honey, milk, carrot



Breakfast: oat meal, and milk. Snack: popcorn, fruit, milk

8:00 AM Arrival

8:00AM - 8:45 Playtime inside

9:00 AM Circle Time

9:15 AM Breakfast

10:00 AM Activity 

10:30 AM - Playtime outside

11:30 AM Storytelling

12:00 AM Lunch

1:00 PM Naptime

3:00 PM Snack

3:30 PM Free play

5:00 PM Goodbye



Menu Lunch

Menu Breakfast & Snack​